The rapidinv program

Rapidinv is a Python script to perform the inversion of point and finite source parameters. Entirely based on the Kiwi Tools, its aim is to simplify the inversion process for the user, still allowing a large flexibility on the inversion setup. Rapidinv requires the prior installation of the Kiwi Tools, the generation of a Green’s funcion database, and the preprocessing of seismic data. Rapidinv performs the source parameter inversion in different steps, first solving the inverse problem for a point source model, and then extending it to the search of finite source parameters. The point source parameter inversion allows for the determination of best double couple and full moment tensor model, and provide information on the apparent duration of the rupture at different stations. The different inversion steps can be either carried out by fitting amplitude spectra or waveforms, and allow a flexible selection of the desired stations, seismogram components, seismic phases, frequency filters, weighting and misfits.


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